Snapcase announced to play This Is Hardcore 10!!!

We are pleased to announce that Snapcase will be playing This Is Hardcore 10, amidst an endless list of hardcore legends. Tickets will go on sale Friday 4/3/2015 at 12pm EST. Find tickets here. Full lineup below:

New Retox Video!

Check out new Retox video for "Die In Your Own Cathedral"

Millencolin announce new record, Website, & video.

From the band (via Facebook):
We're proud and beyond happy to let you know that we will release our new album titled TRUE BREW World wide on Epitaph Records in April. The album has been recorded at home in our Soundlab Studios in Örebro and mixed by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street studios.

Without giving away too much you could say that the album is a slight return to our musical roots and a modern take on why we started Millencolin in the first place. With the album finished we can't wait for it to be released and for all of you to hear it - and with that said we will now kinda leave you hanging for the release of TRUE BREW until april. But since we are really nice guys we've decided to make the wait a little bit smoother for you all.

From us to you, check out the first track and video from the album called Sense & Sensibility.
at the brand new:
(Or at the direct link to the clip: )

Erik, Mathias, Larzon & Nikola

True Brew album artwork.

True Brew album artwork.

Tim Barry announces tour with two cow garage

We are pleased to announce a midwest tour from Tim Barry with special guests Two Cow Garage. For full US schedule, information and tickets click here.

If you haven't already seen it, check out the premiere for "Lost and Rootless", Tim's first video for the title track on Lost & Rootless via Noisey.

Watch the beautiful new video for Tim Barry's "The James" below:

War On Women get 4 out of 5 stars review from Revolver

You can call War On Women a lot of things, but subtle isn’t one of them. The debut full-length from this Baltimore based co-ed punk act incorporate elements of everyone from Aus-Rotten to Bikini Kill into a unique musical amalgam that doesn’t protest patriarchy so much as jam the notion of it down the bloated throats of the old guard. Better still, WOW are as catchy as they are fed up. “We will no longer be silent, speak up let your voice be heard,” vocalist Shawna Potter demands on the anti-rape anthem, “Say It.” You’d best listen up. JONAH BAYER

Check out “Pro-Life?” from ‘War on Women.’

Propagandhi performing Amnesia Rockfest.

Propagandhi performing opening night of Amnesia Rockfest.  A coup d’etat of sponsorship by Canada’s finest. 

Shocking yes but the unbelievable took place in order for this unique performance to happen. A statement from our Canadian friends explains. "Over the years, we've done our best to avoid playing sponsored festivals, we generally reply to requests from the promoters that if the festival takes away the corporate sponsors for our show we'll consider playing. As you might have guessed, nobody ever takes us up on the offer, ha ha. However, straying from the norm someone just did so it looks like we're heading out to Montebello, Quebec on June 18th for a show!