Nikola Sarcevic

Nikola Sarcevic releases a new solo album, ”Freedom To Roam”, this spring. Nikola, who’s also known as the singer and main songwriter in Millencolin, will release his fourth soloalbum to date. With the new album Nikola is going back to singing in English to much joy for all the fans around the world. The album was recorded at Welfare Sounds studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, and was recorded, produced, mixed and mostly played by Olle Björk, Per Stålberg (Division Of Laura Lee) and Nikola Sarcevic himself.

”Since I´m not too keen on spending hours and hours rehearsing we made the arrangements over a cup of coffe instead. Me, Olle and Per sat down and went through the demoversions of the songs, taking notes on what kind of instruments and arrangements would be suitably for each song. The three of us all shared the idea that we didn´t want to strive for perfection regarding the performance of the playing and the singing. I think it´s refreshing that things are a bit off key here and there. In that regard, I would say that this might be the most interesting sounding album that I´ve made so far. It was a big step for

me to record an album without my lojal and very talented partner in crime, Henrik Wind. For the first time I´m actually playing a lot of the instruments myself, wich was kind of uplifting for me”. – Nikola Sarcevic